Friday, April 23, 2010

We went...

to the Zoo...Detroit it is. Haven't been there in ages. Saw the animals and walked all over ... some of my favorites...the giraffes, sea turtles and the Arctic area with seals and Polar Bears. They also had a small gallery of Inuit art, including some Cape Dorset woodblock prints and several soapstone figurines(isn't the carved Polar Bear lovely?) . Didn't even get to the Butterfly exhibit, I was too tired.

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  1. Oh how cool is that? I love zoos...except our last visit at the SF zoo - the animals actually were not feeling the visit and the majority had their back (the apes, literally their behinds) to us. But the SD, the largest here, was awesome - we took the bus tour - fabulous. I love that Polar bear soapstone - awesome! Sounds like you had fun - would've loved that butterfly exhibit (never seen one).