Monday, October 11, 2010

It's hard

to make some cards. A dear friend in Australia is dealing with some awful heartache . Her 22 year old son committed suicide a few days ago. I have been soul searching to come up with an appropriate card to send to her,another one for her adult daughter, also one to the grandparents .I don't like my brainstorming ideas so far but I will sleep on it until tomorrow. No card today from me.


  1. Ah, those are so very difficult. Just let her know you are available to talk to or write to about anything at all. Sometimes those close around seem to "back off" and not want to talk to them for fear of hurting them more, but I have a friend who had a son who died accidently but some still thought it was suicide, and she said what hurt her the most was people not wanting to even mention his name any more. Good luck with coming up with a heartfelt wish for the family. I'll pray for them too.

  2. Indeed a difficult time. I agree with Terri to let her know that you care and are available to her.

    Whew, I feel for this dear lady too just by what you have shared.

  3. So sorry to hear that Chris....I agree with Terri and Nancy...letting them know that you care is all that matters. I know you want the perfect card to go along with your words. We'll be praying for your friends in Aussie. Blessings and Hugs friend!