Saturday, June 12, 2010


Tomorrow is the last regular day of church school for the year although we do have the Nursery each week during the summer.This year I have been blessed by two additional co-teachers Gini and Jen. The Babies and Toddlers in our class have had their lives enriched by the gentle care and nurturing of these special ladies. I am making a special thank you for each of them so I won't post it today. Hugs to you both for helping in this important work during worship time.
Here is the information about the gifts I prepared for them.
The quote for the plaque was mentioned on Charmworm's blog and found on the Perpetual Preschool website. Jen loved the plaque while Gini received a gift of 5 cards I would create for her of her choosing. She has requested 2 Sympathy and 2 Get Well cards along with a religious card.Thanks again ladies!

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