Friday, August 6, 2010

One day more!

Yeah.. tomorrow is the last day of the rummage sale and I am really tired out. The 2 day sale total so far was good and hopefully tomorrow will be a busy sale day too! The photo is only one of three containers of button I found.I can't wait to include them on my cards!Happy crafting.


  1. Buttons, buttons, who's got the buttons...Chris does! :-) What a fantastic find, Chris. You know, I remember calling yard sales and such a "rummage sale" too because that's what you did; rummaged around finding treasures. Now they call it swap meets over here...ugh...I guess you swap money for the not so wonderful treasure. HAHHA Glad you had a good time - can't wait to see your crafty stuff with the loot. :-)

  2. Youv'e got some seriously cute buttons in there. What's your address so I can nab some!!!!