Monday, June 20, 2011


we are nearly done with the cleanup. This has been the longest month in our world. Today we had the furnace repair people here. They rebuilt our furnace (and aside from the bill ,you don't want to know about the amount),we should be warm again in the winter time-Yeah! We have been slowly trying to get back to "normal". We are planning on painting the basement over the 4th of July. Our son Erik has been chipping off the old textured bumpy plaster so we can have smooth walls. We would never have gotten done all the work finished if he hadn't been helping us every step of the way.
In the midst of the mess, my cousin Conrad died. Since we could not go to NJ for the funeral, I made cards and sent them to each member of the family and their own families. That is about all of my recent card making activities. I hope to get to card making soon.

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