Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Progress is slow

The basement is stripped of flooring and walls back to the original cement . The drying fans are still running. Our neighbor works for a plumbing supply and got us the special part for the hot water heater. Bob managed to get it back together after a tricky fix but now we have to wait until the morning for it to work(with our fingers crossed).Thanks John!Still no washer or dryer and the furnace is still drying out. Thursday night is a town Q&A meeting to discuss the flood and who is actually responsible for the sewerage spill. It should be a lively meeting.


  1. Hi Chris! Oh you have certainly been through the "deep waters" literally! I'm so sorry to hear of all you have been through. We went through a similar flood with similar amounts of water and damage.... lost our appliances like Washer and Dryer, freezer etc. Had to drag out carpet, insulation, everything basically. The Fire Company came and pumped us out twice! It was so much faster than we could do it! I pray you can get it cleaned up quickly and have no lasting damage to the house. I'm so sorry about all the treasures that were probably damaged. It really puts things in perspective when we go through these things, doesn't it? Hugs and prayers for you Chris!!!

  2. Reading through you blog, you have been through a lot this spring. My heart goes out to you.
    Happy that we have had a few good day here in MI for things to dry out and our saturated grounds have time to dry out.
    Hugs, Heide