Sunday, July 12, 2009

Paper Piecing

One of my favorite techniques in papercrafting is paper piecing. It is exciting to take plain cardstock and turn it into something total unique. As I was looking through blogs ,I found this Canadian site Sunflowers and Dragonflies( They also have these wonderful stamps including an adorable beaver. They are currently having their S &D Challenge #1 which is about piecing on a card/image. Unfortunately I do not have any of their stamps yet which created a slight problem. I looked through their stamps and noticed one of my favorite cultural images. It is an Inukshuk. It is a word in Inuktitut(Inuit language). It means to look like a person and the Inuit have been making them for thousands of years out of stone to mark good hunting or fishing or the way home.Imagine finding your way home on all the ice in the Arctic but with each one unique ,this would help.
For this purpose, I direct to paper ink created my own paper stones ,tore the paper and made my own version of this beautiful image. I chose to put Hello Friend for the saying since Inukshuks are a source of trust. I hope this will be considered in their contest. For more information ,check their website.
P.S .I was a Cultural Anthropology student in College.


  1. Chris this is a very clever take on Beth's challenge this week thanks for playing along with us at Sunflowers and Dragonflies good luck winning the nesties.

    Beth U

  2. Good golly, this is truly amazing!

  3. I love your explanation & the cleverness in your challenge piece. Thanks for playing along!