Monday, November 16, 2009

Busy, Busy

I helped at our church bazaar on Friday evening and all day on Saturday, as I have each year for over 20 years. It was fun as usual. I usually make a basket of cards to sell there as my donation along with baked items. I did that and decided to make a change as well. I made many sample cards and took orders on those samples. Well , I was successful and now have orders for 40 cards. All the money raised will be going towards mission work and restocking our food pantry. With the current economy in Michigan, there are a lot of families to help. The room I was in charge of also had beautiful wreaths, tabletop pieces, outdoor decor,hand painted candles and ornaments, fancy pins,and tree ornaments. I heard at church yesterday that my area sold $700.00 alone. I was so busy and I am happy that I was able to help once again. It is such a fun time to spend with our church family and visitors alike.


  1. That's awesome Chris!
    Thank you for your praying for my sister Brenda. I appreciate it.

  2. Chris, that is wonderful! What a great idea to take orders - let's face it, people still love handmade a couple card companies a run for their money, huh? :D