Friday, November 27, 2009

Waiting, waiting...

I have been waiting for an order from a stamp company. I placed my small order about 20 days ago, but it never came. I emailed the owner the other day, and received info about it. It had been sent, and supposedly was returned to the post office due to no one being home to sign for the package. However, I did not receive any notice . Today... I got a final notice card. I went off to the Post Office and... they could not find my package.. after waiting about 40 minutes, the clerk returned to the counter and said, she was sorry, but could not locate it. I returned home, and my husband called the Post Office.About an hour later, the doorbell rang... and the package had turned up, and was quickly delivered . So be polite, but persevere and problems can be resolved.. that made my day.(I live outside Detroit in a town of 100,000-not a small place).Thank you Post Office.


  1. I certainly try your patience in situations like this. Have fun with your order Chris!


  2. Good that you finally did get your order. You're right about being polite and persevering. Ugh, what a hassle though. :D

  3. I thought the Garden City Post Office was the only one that messed things up. Hope to see your new stamps soon.