Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sorry,I'm away...

I will not be posting for a few days...something has come up aside from completing my card orders and I will be back in a few days.
I did find something great at the Dollar Tree. Among the items on hooks on the wall in the Christmas area, I found these beautiful snowflakes.They were on a garland along with the diamond shapes. It was a quick separation of the large snowflakes since they are on spiral loops and now I have some beautiful shiny treasures. I'm sure I will come up with something for the rest of the garland. There are about 20 of those snowflakes on the garland for $1.00. Rush in to the store as they won't last long if you are tempted. I just love finding surprises. Happy crafting.


  1. Oh Chris, those are the most beautiful snowflakes. I wish I could find really cool stuff like that - I really love snowflakes!