Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Surprises are great!

Our former next door neighbors are "bunking" with us this week unexpectedly. Mike's Dad died and they flew up from Miami for the funeral. I have hustled around to get set up for them and I knew there was a reason my crafting/guestroom finally got cleaned up last week. They will be here until Monday so it will be great to spend time with them and also for them to see other friends since they have not been back to Michigan in 5 years. We are hoping to go to the cider mill on Saturday.Cider yum!
Happy crafting!


  1. Hi Christine! I wasn't sure how to get a hold of you, so thought I would contact you through your blog! You are the I-Spy winner over on Momenta's FB page. Please stop over to check it out.

    Social Media Coordinator, Momenta

    1. Oh my thanks so much. I have been having so much trouble with posting my blog.I only noticed your news today on 20 Feb.