Monday, May 30, 2011

Words of Kindness

After spending 12 hours Saturday emptying the wet basement things with my family from the flood damage, we called friends and took nice warm showers there. What a joy!

As we worked, we soon realized the scope of the mess and hired a company to sanitize and strip the basement to avoid black mold etc.They worked for hours and left these giant sucking fans to run with the dehumifiers ( it sounds like airplane engines) moving the air around for several days in the basement & kitchen . Hopefully that will do the trick . Thanks to them for their expert work and kindnesses.Our block looked like Ghostbusters with all of the haz /mat clothing at everyone's home.

I called my brother who lives away from us to let him know about the flood. He is autistic and sometimes says the most profound things. He told me"As long as the television is safe,you will be okay". He loves the television so I took it as a big hug from him. Thanks Ken.

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  1. Oh I am hoping you do not have too much damage- especially with the appliances. Bless your brothers heart- it's all 'things and stuff', isn't it? Sounds like you are making the beast of the situation- nothing like a warm shower!