Saturday, January 9, 2010

Can't stand it...

Well, I decided to rearrange my crafting area since it was a disaster spot after the flurry of Christmas crafting and now it's in cartons all over the floor. I just have to organize better. I need some inspiration on storing ink pads so they are accessible but neat. I had them in cute IKEA plastic boxes but they have now outgrown the space.(oops 8-). How to store tape runner refills too,along with the drawer system storing my growing Zig markers collection...are more questions.Don't even get me thinking about the papers. I love the storage I have for it but there is more to sort through and limited time... Any suggestions out there... ? Thanks in advance.


  1. I wish I could add value here but I need to re-organize my space. I have a 10 drawer mobile cart that I bought years ago from Joann's online (on sale). Since it is multi-colored, I put papers by the color in 6 of those. I have a 7 drawer bin from Wal-Mart (on sale). My tools, rubber stamps and adhesives, etc. are in that one. I have two 3 drawer plastic bins on top of my table that holds the ink pads and other stuff. I still need to organize though. *sigh* I have a cabinet that holds a bunch of stuff - a hutch filled with stuff - there's just no room. Yet. ;)

  2. Check out some of the organization ideas on my blog (see sidebar for category.) I hope they help! Sterilite containers and mini-drawers from Walmart serve well and are also versatile as we outgrow them. If you stop by, take advantage of the blog candy offer going until the 15th.